Consider the Lilies Medical plan a cosmetic surgery after your pregnancy with a Mommy makeover Miami

plan a cosmetic surgery after your pregnancy with a Mommy makeover Miami

plan a cosmetic surgery after your pregnancy with a Mommy makeover Miami post thumbnail image

The physical appearance after childbirth deteriorates due to the changes that maternity leaves. For many women, it is usually frustrating, generating a bad mood and causing a loss of confidence. That is why with a Mommy makeover Miami, You will have the solution within reach and achieve recovery of the contour of your body.
Breast lift surgeries are one of the most frequently addressed with the Mommy makeover Miami since after childbirth. After breastfeeding your baby, the breast muscle falls and sags, giving an appearance of flaccid and aged. The breast lift treats this sagging through a surgical procedure that firms and secures the breast tissue and removes excess skin, returning the breasts to a high position.
You can also increase the size of the breasts if you wish by adding volume with silicone implants and performing cosmetic surgeries in the abdomen if required since it is one of the areas that is affected by pregnancy due to the stretching of the breast. With Mommy makeover Miami, You can perform this body contouring procedure to repair the abdominal muscles and eliminate localized fat pockets.
Liposuction is another procedure that you can do with a Mommy makeover Miami. This eliminates all that undesirable fat, which is usually resistant to diets and exercises. Liposuction fat can be removed from the abdomen, hips, thighs, back, arms and flanks.
Please schedule your appointment and plan with your doctor the surgical options you need to restore your body. You must follow all the recommendations and instructions before carrying out your operation. This includes getting to your ideal weight, quitting cigarettes, and doing it after you stop breastfeeding, and your personalized needs for your Mommy makeover.
Recovery will depend on the care and precautions you take after surgery, so you must maintain the necessary hygiene and keep the recommended rest days plus all the indications your doctor has given you, thus facilitating a speedy recovery.


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