Consider the Lilies General Robert Stravinsky and his passion for the well-being of his patients

Robert Stravinsky and his passion for the well-being of his patients

Robert Stravinsky and his passion for the well-being of his patients post thumbnail image

If you need quality healthcare on the South Shore, you can look to Dr. Robert Stravinsky. He has the experience and knowledge necessary to provide an effective treatment plan that meets the needs of each client.
Stravinsky most recently worked as a physical therapist at Professional Physical Therapy in Waltham, Massachusetts. He attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst, earning his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2015.
He then attended Boston University Graduate School and received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree in 2019. He is a dedicated man who deeply loves what he does and always wants to stay up to date on the latest practices in therapy. Physical, he practices different educational practices to improve his skills.
Robert Stravinsky, A renowned physical therapist from Waltham, Massachusetts
Dr. Robert Stravinsky is responsible for treating outpatient orthopedics and providing a first-class healthcare service for all patients. While in Boston, he completed a year’s fellowship at the Institute for Orthopedic Manual Therapy, which allowed him to improve his skills as a physical therapist.
With extensive professional experience, Stravinsky has been able to work at South Shore Hospital, Boston University Physical Therapy Center, Bay State Physical Therapy, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, Therapeutic Center, and Spaulding Nursing.
Recently, he returned to the South Shore, where his family lives, and he is hopeful that he can use his passion and experience to help more patients in the area. Robert Stravinsky specializes in advanced manual therapy techniques where he can improve the quality of life for his patients.
He also blogs on physical therapy, animal welfare, and the importance of scholarships for US healthcare students. He loves animals of all kinds and works with non-profit organizations to make animals happier.
As you can see, he is a professional and committed man who cares about the welfare of humans and animals. He can seek the advice of Dr. Robert Stravinsky and will have physical therapy through exercises, ultrasound, light therapy, or laser.

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